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  Keiser University

Associate of Science in Diagnostic Medical Sonography

Founded in the year 1977, Keiser University is an exclusive school that offers quality educational programs in many different fields, whether it’s associate, bachelor, master’s or even doctoral degrees. It is mainly located in Fort Lauderdale, but also has other branches in other areas of Florida such as Jacksonville, Kendall, Orlando, West Palm Beach and Tampa. Keiser University offers educational programs in fields such as business administration, accounting, legal studies, health sciences, sports, education, nursing, information technology and many more. Students can choose to study on-campus or off-campus through its web-based learning programs.

Keiser University’s associate degree programs can usually be completed within 1.5 years, while bachelor’s degree at 3-4 years. Class schedules are very flexible since there are slots both in the morning and in the evening. This ensures that students will be able to find the most suitable schedule for their education as they attend to other important commitments as well. Class size is one of the excellent features of the school as they always maintain the least possible ratio of students to professor in order to help students experience learning in much more personal level. On-the-job training is also given so that students can get a firsthand experience that will help them understand their career better and apply their acquired knowledge and skills.

Education at Keiser University features not only theory-based learning, but hands-on learning experience as well through a wide range of technology and resources. This helps students to be ready for the challenges that await them in an actual work setting. Since Keiser University continuously keeps track of the ever changing trends in the economy, they are able to provide students with educational degrees that are very much in demand. Also, at Keiser University, students approach learning one class at a time, typically in a span of four weeks, after which they must pass the final exam in order to proceed to the next class. In this type of setting, students are able to focus entirely on their current class, which means they are able to absorb what they are being taught in a much quicker and efficient way.

The Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools has granted the school accreditation on all its associate, bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degree courses. With this, students can be assured of education of the highest quality and standards, as well as the best possible opportunities for the career that they have chosen. Keiser University also strives to improve its career-focused curriculum through its active advisory boards and continuous evaluation by the school’s board members in order to make sure that its curriculum is always up to date and meets set standards. Evaluation is also conducted on school staff, facilities and equipment to ensure that they are always able to provide students with the best learning experience.

Program Description

The Associate’s Degree in Diagnostic Medical Sonography features the following goals which are linked to the mission and objectives of Keiser University:

1 ) To cultivate and sharpen the student’s knowledge and skills in Medical Sonography

2 ) To train students in performing the necessary sonographic, two-dimensional and Doppler operations, as well as documenting results for analysis by the doctor.

3 ) To endow students with important values and professional ethics

4 ) To produce competent and well-trained graduates in the field of ultrasound technology and equipment.

Application here: http://www.keiseruniversity.edu/onlinedegree_inquiry_form.htm







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