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Established in the year 1977, Sanford-Brown College has been helping students realize their dreams through their career-oriented programs in a wide range of fields such as business, health care, computers, criminal justice and many more in-demand careers. The school features short-term courses which enable students to complete them in just 9 months. This includes hands-on training with the latest and sophisticated equipment and tools to help them acquire the necessary skills needed to perform in their chosen line of work.

At Sanford-Brown College, the educational approach is fast, focused and hands-on. Classes commence every five weeks, with the most flexible and convenient of schedules for students as they offer both morning and evening sessions. The educational system aims to endow students with the necessary knowledge, skills and experience that most companies look for in their applicants. This way, you are assured that everything you are being taught will be fully utilized in your chosen career. A comprehensive hands-on training using industry-standard technology and equipment is also integrated in all programs to give students the aptitude needed in practicing their profession better.

In order to be enrolled in Sanford-Brown College, one must be able to present a high school diploma or any certificate that is similar to it such as a GED diploma. Applicants will also need to successfully complete an admission test, as well as an interview. In other school branches which offer courses such as Surgical Technology, Diagnostic Medical Technology and Cardiovascular Technology, there is a possibility that other requirements need to be satisfied before admission. Such requirements may include proof of employment in the related field and transcript of records. For a complete list of admission requirements, visit the Sanford-Brown College website or get in touch with the Admissions Department.

Program Description

Upon enrollment in the Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound program, you will be educated and trained in performing diagnostic ultrasound check-ups. As an entry-level sonographer, you will be trained to examine different body parts such as the abdominal area, pelvis and other detailed structures. Included in this program is the comprehensive analysis of the examined organ systems, its structure, physiology and pathophysiology. It also teaches the students the standard operating procedures in the analytical and in-depth examination of the organs, as well as the capability to furnish the attending physician with detailed and technical impressions. The foundation of the program is designed to provide students with lecture materials, clinical and imaging laboratory components.

For the externship part of the program, a student’s detailed experiences will be properly documented, and this includes his work information, time logs and overall performance evaluation. It is in the externship program that students are given the opportunity to apply what they have learned in a real work setting or environment. The students must attend all his classes, complete his externship, pass examinations and other requirements asked of him in order to successfully complete his chosen program. Upon graduation, the student will now be ready for entry-level employment in the field of diagnostic medical sonography.

Sanford-Brown College is duly accredited by the ACICS or Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools, which is sanctioned by the US Education Department (DOE). What this means is that the school significantly is at par or beyond par with the established guidelines set by the ACICS and ratified by the CHEA (Council for Higher Education Accreditation) and DOE. Through this institutional accreditation, qualified students are entitled to a Title IV Financial Assistance by Sanford-Brown College.

Sanford-Brown College is operating open in the following locations:

  • Atlanta

  • Dearborn

  • Fort Lauderdale

  • Garden City

  • Iselin

  • Jacksonville

  • Landover

  • New York

  • Orlando

  • Pittsburgh

  • Tampa

  • Trevose

  • White Plains







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