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Duties of Ultrasound Technologist and Sonographer

Sonographers are in charge of numerous duties and responsibilities. One of them is taking patient records, particularly their medical history, and briefing them on the imaging procedure. It is important that the sonographer guide the patient to a proper posture for scanning so that the corresponding body area can be scanned properly. A good foundation in human anatomy is crucial in the practice of sonography.

In During the scanning process, high-tech equipment using ultrasonic waves are used in order to take images of the different sections of the body. Once these images are captured, they are forwarded to the attending radiologist for analysis. Since most ultrasound machines have gone digital, sending these images has been quicker and more efficient through computers of different departments. Once a diagnosis has been confirmed by the radiologist, the sonographer then relays to the patient the time at which he will be able to acquire the radiologist’s report.

How often do sonographers get patient visits?

The patient population which visits the sonographer usually depends on the kind of ultrasound imaging being done. A typical ultrasound session may take anywhere between 45 minutes to 1 hour. Based on this figure, an 8-hour working day can yield around 8 to 10 patients.

In an ultrasound session, how many images are frequently captured?

The number of images to be captured will greatly depend on the body area to be scanned and the discretion of the sonographer. Typically, around 40 to 120 shots are taken in an ultrasound procedure. Different fields in sonography will also have different imaging requirements. For example, obstetrics usually requires around 40 to 120 images, while a thyroid imaging will take something less.

Do sonographers work on-site or on-call between different medical centers?

Sonographers usually just work in a single office, although there may also be others who work “on-call” at clinics or hospitals for a couple of days. Even if you are working in a hospital setting, you may still work on-call in some occasions, and this usually warrants extra compensation.

To whom do sonographers report to?

For sonographers, a lead ultrasound technician will usually function as their manager, who performs supervisory tasks and ultrasound imaging duties as well. For experienced sonographers who have served in the profession for a considerable amount of time, the position of a lead ultrasound technician can be very suitable.

What exactly do sonographers look for in scanned images?

Once sonographers acquire the necessary images, it will be their duty to determine if the organ or organs involved are healthy or if they gave any symptoms of abnormalities. They usually check to see if the organs are within the normal thresholds, like in size and shape. In obstetrics, the recognition of abnormalities in an unborn baby can help eliminate or minimize any risky circumstances. Sonographers also check the shading of the organs they are scanning. All organs have a pre-determined “shade of gray”, and they can be able to determine whether their color is within normal range or not.

How are ultrasound images processed for submission to the requesting physician?

Once scanning has been done, the resulting images are first forwarded to a radiologist for analysis and certification. It will then be the radiologist’s duty to arrange a report that will be analyzed by the attending physician before finally being relayed to the patient.

In processing scanned images, a sonographer usually need not to affix his signature. This is due to the policy that the responsibility for the images rests in the hands of the radiologist. In essence, it is the radiologist that ultimately makes the final call in the analysis they’ve concluded based on the acquired ultrasound images.







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