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Ultrasound technicians, who are also commonly referred to as sonographers, are professional practitioners who make use of ultrasound technology to take detailed impressions of the body. These images are used in order to help the doctor diagnose and treat a particular medical condition experienced by a patient. Being an ultrasound technician is a very rewarding career – read on to find out why.

Since ultrasound technology is a non-invasive method of diagnosing a wide variety of health problems, more and more people are veering towards its use. With that said, as more people prefer ultrasound over other related imaging procedures, the demand for competent ultrasound technicians also increases.

Salary Threshold Of Ultrasound Technicians

Based on the data given by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the salary for the lower 10% ultrasound technician population is close to $35,800. The upper 10% of the population were receiving over $66,680. Higher figures were reported by the American Society of Radiologic Technologists (ASRT) for the same population category at 39,212 and $84,545 accordingly.

In the website salary.com, salary figures for ultrasound technicians presently average at around $51,382, whilst the ASRT reports an average of $56,158. Previously, in the year 2006, the average, according to the BLS was around $48,660.

Salaries earned by ultrasound technicians can differ based on their workplace. Take for instance the average yearly salary of technicians working in physician’s offices – their salary was reported by the BLS at $50,390, while those employed in hospitals were slightly lower at $47,530. On the other hand, salaries of ultrasound technicians working at non-profit hospitals and physician’s offices were $73,888 and $53,604 respectively.

Salary Range Of Ultrasound Technicians

According to the latest survey conducted by the Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers, ultrasound technicians are capable of earning anywhere from $15 to $18 per hour. With further studies and acquisition of certifications from the American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers or ARDMS, an ultrasound technician’s salary can easily reach higher thresholds. For example, an ultrasound technician possessing a bachelor’s degree can earn a salary range of more than $61,000 based on the data reports by the ASRT.

The level of experience of an ultrasound technician can also determine how much he can earn. Like any other professions or field of work, entry-level positions will have lower salaries, but as his knowledge and experience in the field grows, so does his salary and benefits. For example, a chief ultrasound technologist is capable of earning a salary ranging from $56,627 to $68,690. Also, the more field of specialization you have in sonography (Obstetrics-Gynecology, abdomen, breast), the better your salary threshold will be.

Industries with the highest rates of employment in this profession:

Industry Employment Hourly Mean Wage Annual Mean Wage
General Medical and Surgical Hospitals 28,930 $30.14 $62,690
Offices of Physicians 12,320 $30.22 $62,870
Medical and Diagnostic Laboratories 4,370 $29.14 $60,620
Outpatient Care Centers 1,140 $29.62 $61,620
Colleges, Universities, and
Professional Schools
590 $31.13 $64,760

Top paying industries for this profession:

Industry Hourly Mean Wage Annual Mean Wage
Local Government (OES designation) $37.54 $78,080
Employment Services $34.56 $71,890
Office Administrative Services $32.74 $68,110
Management of Companies and Enterprises $31.49 $65,490
Colleges, Universities,
and Professional Schools
$31.13 $64,760

Top paying States for this profession:

State Hourly Mean Wage Annual Mean Wage
Oregon $36.81 $76,570
Washington $36.21 $75,320
Connecticut $35.70 $74,260
Massachusetts $35.43 $73,690
Alaska $35.23 $73,290







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