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In order to be part of this growing profession, an individual must at least acquire an associate’s degree in sonography and pass the licensure examination after completion of the course. One can also opt to take a bachelor’s degree program, but acquisition of an associate’s degree usually will already suffice. In some cases, simply a one-year certificate program can be enough to take you to a career in sonography. Whatever path you wish to take, it is important to remember that everything you have learned must be enough to help you get past the licensure exams. Without a license, you won’t be able to practice your profession, and you won’t have too many employment opportunities to choose from.

A career in sonography starts by getting education from reputable technical schools, community colleges, universities and in some cases even hospitals. Besides this, there are instances wherein competency examinations such as abdomen and vascular exams.

How long will it take before I complete a course in sonography?

Generally, a course in sonography can take you anywhere from 18 to 24 months. Most of these courses are designed so that the first year will consist mostly of course academics as well as some clinical experience, while the second year will involve little course academics and clinical experience which usually accumulates around 32 hours each week.

Do I have to undergo a waiting list before I am admitted to a sonography program?

Since there are so many students eager to study sonography programs, waiting lists are a common scenario. Besides this, some schools have policies on class size, in which they generally want to keep at a minimum in order to maintain the quality of education.

What prerequisites exist upon application in a sonography program?

It’s not unusual for sonography programs to have numerous admission requirements. This is because the sonography profession is considered a very rewarding career, and of course needs to be properly regulated in order to maintain quality of its graduates. Generally, an individual must have completed courses in anatomy and physiology, medical terminologies and in some cases, basic knowledge of physics and college algebra. CPR certification is also a common requirement, including the standard vaccines should you not have received them yet.

Graduation from a previous degree or experience in the field of health care is usually an advantage in application for a sonography program, as well as those who have performed well academically in their past college programs. Undergoing an interview can also be expected as schools need to evaluate the applicant further on his desire and motivation in the program, as well as his aptitude to communicate and interact with other people.

What courses must I have completed before I can apply in a sonography program?

As described in the preceding paragraphs, subjects which are required to be completed before admission are as follows:

1.) Anatomy and Physiology

2.) Medical Terminology

3.) Introduction to Physics

4.) College Algebra

5.) Trigonometry

Subject requirements can differ with each school, but is usually determined by the field of specialization that an applicant wants to take.

What is the population type in a sonography program?

Before, most students enrolled in a sonography program are of the younger generation, but with current employment growth observed in sonography careers, more and more people get inclined to have a career in sonography. Most students nowadays are professionals in other fields, or graduates of other programs which are not related to health care. There is more diversity in the population now as compared before, and this can be attributed primarily to the wide career opportunities and great financial benefits of this profession.







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