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Ultrasound TechnologistToday, there are a growing number of jobs as an ultrasound technologist, which is part of pool of skilled workers that are in constant demand due to an internationally growing medical industry. As technology advancements in the medical profession increase the need for skilled labor, more and more clinics and hospitals all over the world are beginning to source for qualified individuals who can meet their demand for top-notch, educated individuals who are ready to work as ultrasound technicians. Because of its wide range of applications, coupled with the international graying population, hospitals and clinics today are looking for individuals to meet their employment headcount more than ever before. This is especially true in the field of diagnostic imaging, whereby ultrasound technologists are most needed.

There There are three main imaging sciences that are commonly used in medical institutions today. Though they are not the only type of imaging sciences in development, they the most commonly used, and are made up of radiologic technology, nuclear medicine technology and finally, ultrasound technology. The most commonly used method of these three diagnostic imaging techniques is ultrasound technology.

Ultrasound scans work through the use of sound waves that travel through fluid and soft tissue, and is reflect back to the scanner as an echo. The speed at which it reflects back to the scanner is dependent on the density of the tissue, thereby creating an image of the different organs and tissue that are in the body. This works the same when an ultrasound technician has to generate a diagnostic image of a child in a mother's womb.

Even though the final image that is created by the ultrasound scanner looks extremely similar to those produced by x-ray machines, the technology behind it is completely different. X-rays use electromagnetic radiation to generate images, whereas ultrasound scanners use sound waves that reflect off tissue that is denser than its surroundings. The scanner then captures these sound waves at different intervals, which results in an image produced purely by ultrasound waves. Ultrasound waves are used to scan images of a pregnant mother's child, because it is much safer and exposes the fetus to less radiation, thereby reducing the risk of problems arising from an x-ray.

Because ultrasound equipment can be quite complicated to operate and understand, more and more medical institutions today are becoming more demanding about the type of qualifications necessary, in order to become an ultrasound technician. Even though previously, most individual who were employed to operate ultrasound machines were not required to have any form of qualifications, today, with the advancement of technology, only individuals who are trained to operate these complex machines, can do so. Furthermore, these technicians are dealing with human lives, which only increases the need for proper training and certification, before an individual can become an ultrasound technologist.







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