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If you are dreaming of a rewarding career in the field of healthcare, then West Coast Ultrasound Institute (WCUI) is the place to make them come true! As a private vocational school based in Beverly Hills, California, WCUI aims to help its students realize their dreams through quality educational programs and prepare them to be competent professionals in their chosen field. The school also has branches in Ontario, Canada and Phoenix Arizona.

At WCUI, students are assured of quality education and training which are always based on the latest technology, imaging standards and innovations. This is because the school is owned and managed by Licensed Radiologists, Cardiologists and Technologists who are working in the field of medicine. WCUI was founded in 1998 by a board certified radiologist named Dr. Neville Smith M.D., and Myra Chason, a reputable professor in Diagnostic Medical Sonography The school has always believed in the philosophy of “edutaining”, which harnesses the chemistry of education and entertainment to make learning a more fruitful and fun experience.

At WCUI, learning is achieved by utilizing both didactic lessons and first-hand experience in clinical work. Students are properly trained on how to operate ultrasound imaging devices, which are for their exclusive use only in the school’s clinical laboratory. The students are also able to experience actual patient care in numerous training programs since the school also manages a low-cost ultrasound clinic for patients who can’t afford expensive medical fees or aren’t covered by medical insurance.

Program Description

The objective of the Diagnostic Medical Sonography program is to educate and train students to be knowledgeable and proficient in using medical ultrasound technology for collecting sonographic images used by physicians in diagnosing numerous ailments and health problems. Students will be trained in:

1 ) Gathering, analyzing and consolidating patient data and medical history

2 ) Attending and caring for patients

3 ) Collection of anatomic, physiological and pathologic information

4 ) Preparation of sonographic data

5 ) Operation and maintenance of sonographic equipment

6 ) Professional standards and work ethics

The Diagnostic Medical Sonography program offered by WCUI contains the following subject matter:

1 ) Introduction to Ultrasound Imaging

2 ) Human Anatomy

3 ) Physiology

4 ) Medical Terminology

5 ) Radiology

6 ) Cross-Sectional Anatomy

7 ) Scanning Planes

8 ) Technology Mathematics

WCUI considers the fruits of proper education to be valuable and enduring. The school aims to guide students to harvest the fruits of their hard work and develop their skills and potential in the field of healthcare. WCUI believes in the statement that “Knowledge Builds Careers”. This knowledge serves as the student’s solid foundation for the building and cultivation of their talents and skills needed once they venture in the medical field.

For more information about West Coast Ultrasound Institute, feel free to visit any of their campus in the following areas:

Beverly Hills Campus
291 S. LA Cienega Boulevard Suite 500
Beverly Hills, California 90211

Phoenix Branch Campus
4250 E. Camelback Road, Building K Suite 158
Phoenix, Arizona 85018

Ontario (Satellite Campus)
3700 E. Inland Empire Boulevard Suite 550
Ontario, Canada 91764

Application forms are also available at: http://www.wcui.edu/documents/WCUI-Application.pdf

The Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges of Technology or ACCSCT, as well as the US Education Department (DOE) have granted West Coast Ultrasound Institute the authority to provide financial support for qualified students. The school has also been authorized by the Homeland Security Department to admit international students, including veterans and vocational nurses through the authority of the Veterans Administration and Bureau of Vocational Nurses and Psychiatric Technicians respectively.







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